What do you want to learn today?
What do you want to teach today?
  A K-12 Online Learning Ecosystem
 Our Platform Empowers Teachers & Parents, Provides Educational Assistance to Students, & Raises Funds For Schools

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Our teachers help students seeking to improve their grades, master concepts, get help with learning disabilities, or go beyond the K-12 curriculum


Our teachers are certified by the Ministry of Education and trained to teach students with various learning styles


Parents or students may choose to request one-on-one or (lower cost)
group lessons

Teachers set their own class sizes, lesson schedules, rates and (as the providers of the service) retain the majority of revenue earned

Our platform allows teachers and students to connect in a safe online environment


As a social enterprise we aim to raise funds for our local school communities

Teachers and students can now use the My Education Room platform to learn concepts in an online flipped classroom environment!


What is the future of learning?

This question was raised by Newcastle University professor Sugata Mitra. Watch his award winning TED Talk and get involved in online Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE Groups) using the My Education Room platform!


FREE - If you are a student interested in becoming a doctor, lawyer, web developer, entrepreneur, electrician etc. then learn more about this FREE webinar series aimed at empowering K-12 students BEFORE they select a college/university program



FREE - A list of online resources where students can be assessed or practice tests on a host of subjects (mathematics, science, literacy, languages etc), learn effective study techniques, and access career information




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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ― Mahatma Gandhi #quote
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Where cert teachers set class sizes, lesson schedules & their own rates #tutor #tutoring https://t.co/LMxZvWQsfU https://t.co/uJlJYd7SJi