Do teachers need a College of Teaching?

Is society’s perception and model of teachers in 2016 a positive or negative one? Teachers are told they are professionals, yet many report feeling disempowered, disrespected, untrusted and lacking in autonomy in the classroom. Many feel tired and frustrated at what they perceive as constant political interference and top-down approaches when it comes to doing their job. These are some of the reasons put forward by a growing number of people calling for the creation of a new professional body made up of teachers, to set the standards for their profession and defend its integrity.

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Hi Donnie.

You raise an interesting point.

I’m not sure a new body is what’s needed but rather a reimagining of support systems for teachers.

We setup My Education Room in part to not only help students but also allow teachers and administrators to connect with one another, foster ongoing dialogue and use the platform for professional development.

Answered on November 7, 2017.
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