What do you want to learn today?
What do you want to teach today?


Certified K-12 teachers set their own class sizes, schedules, and lesson rates

Use creative and innovative new ways to teach concepts to Canadian and international students or fellow teachers (professional development)

As creators and deliverers of the lesson content, teachers retain the majority of revenue (85%). We keep 15% to cover costs.

Engage students in a collaborative environment leading to enhanced learning

Create lessons that augment and build upon the existing curriculum, not compete with it

Poll your students during the lesson to ensure they comprehend the concepts being taught

Your lessons will help our social enterprise raise funds to support the advancement of literacy and education in North America, the Caribbean & Africa via CODE

Access the free 24/7 platform practice area to ensure you are ready to deliver each online lesson

Connect with fellow teachers, students and parents from coast-to-coast-to-coast in our new community forum to ask and answer questions and share ideas

Teachers and students can now use the My Education Room platform to learn concepts in an online flipped classroom environment! - Login to learn how
Newcastle University professor Sugata Mitra's award winning TED Talk inspired online Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE Groups). Login to watch the video and learn how to create online SOLE groups using the My Education Room platform!





Sign up for a FREE My Education Room

Add an image for your lesson, determine the lesson length and set a lesson rate

Login to your account and click "Create Lesson"

Upload any pre-lesson preparation documents for the registrants to download before the scheduled lesson

Give your lesson a title and subtitle. They should be descriptive, but not too long

Track the number of registrants enrolled in your lesson from your dashboard

Enter a few keywords; for example: Grade 12, History, Early 20th Century, Eastern Europe

Login to My Education Room when it's time for the lesson and click the "Launch Lesson" link in your dashboard

Select the lesson's grade level, subject or area of study, and if applicable, topic (i.e. Math > Geometry)


  You will automatically be assigned the instructor position as you enter the online classroom

Describe the lesson in greater detail, providing goals and objectives and pre-requisites

  Start teaching!




  • All K-12 teachers using My Education Room services to teach Canadian and international students online must

    • Be certified by the Ministry of Education of their respective Canadian province or territory to teach K-12 students

    • Possess an active teaching licence

    • Adhere to the standards, professional code of conduct and duty to report policies stipulated by the Ministry of Education of their respective province

      • EXAMPLE: British Columbia (BC Teacher Regulations)

        • Standards for the Education, Competence, and Professional Conduct of Educators in BC please click
        • The "Understanding your Duty to Report" form please click



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