What do you want to learn today?
What do you want to teach today?

What are flipped classrooms?

In traditional classrooms students

a) Show up for lessons and get settled
b) Review the previous night's homework
c) Listen to their teacher lecture on a topic
d) Proceed with some guided/independent learning

In a flipped classroom students

a) Watch the lectures at home the night before. These are videos produced by their teacher, school, district, or external source
b) Show up for lessons and get settled
c) Are questioned for understanding of the core concepts covered in the lecture (video)
d) Spend the majority of the lesson in guided/independent/cooperative learning


Traditional Classroom: 90% of class time is spent on delivery of content and 10% on the application of the content

Flipped Classroom: 90% of class time is spent on application of content and 10% on the delivery of the content


For a better understanding of flipped classrooms and their inherent benefits please watch the YouTube Video produced by the Flipped Institute (see below).



Using My Education Room's online platform certified Canadian teachers can create flipped classroom lessons for K-12 students from around the world.

*Certified Canadian Teachers

Would you be interested in offering flipped classroom lessons online through the My Education Platform? If so please register (free) to get started. Teachers who have never run a flipped class before are strongly encouraged to visit the Flipped Institute for information, resources, and links.


If you are interested in taking part in a flipped lesson please register first. If no current flipped classroom lessons are offered students may request one.