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 Are you seeking online resources for reading, writing, and math? Would you benefit from having access to effective learning techniques or test taking strategies that help improve the comprehension of concepts and helps improve academic perfomance? 

As a social enterprise whose mission is to make high quality K-12 educational assistance accessible and affordable we decided to create this page of online resources for K-12 students, parents, and certified teachers. Many of these resources are free.

If you learn of a great learning resource for our K-12 community please contact us at info@myeducationroom.com so we may share the information amongst our members.

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Free K-12 Online Resources
Learning Disability Tests & Reading Programs
Free online dyslexia (10-15 minute) test for children.

Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: No
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes

Does your child have ADHD or a learning disability? This free online assessment is designed to help parents assess their child when deciding whether or not to seek professional assistance. ADDitude provides a wealth of information for parents related to ADHD and learning disabilities

Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: No
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes


Teens: BizCalcs provides 39 free (and short) online tests including:

a) Learning Disabilities
b) Teen Depression
c) College Readiness
d) Teen Stress
e) Anorexia & Bulimia
f) Eating Disorders

Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: No
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes

The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada provides information, research and resources for parents

Lexia "Core 5"
Online Reading Program
LDAC Webinar

"A Day in the Life"



BC Guide to Special Education


Alberta Guide to Special Education


Guide from Edmonton Public

Hasbrouck & Tindal Oral Reading Fluency Data


Pete Bowers WordWorks


Making Sense Out Of Spelling by Gina Cooke


Vowel Team / Attached Vowels


Math Strategies for LD Students


Math & LD


Evidence Based Math Strategies for LD


LD Strategies




Bright Solutions to Dyslexia


Reach Learning Centre


International Dyslexia Association


Success at James Cameron School


Academic Assessment/Practice Tests
That Quiz


Free multiple practice tests for students

MATHEMATICS integers (arithmetic, algebra, calculus etc.), fractions (inequality, averages, probability etc.) concepts (time, money, measure, graphs etc.), geometry (shapes, geometry, angles, trigonometry etc.)

FOREIGN LANGUAGE VOCABULARY (English, French, Spanish, German),

GEOGRAPHY (Americas, Europe, Africa, & Asia) & SCIENCE (cells, anatomy, elements & conversion)



Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: No
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes

Online practice skills to prep for any MATH or LANGUAGE ARTS assessments. Kindergarten - Grade 12

Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: Yes
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes

FREE end-of-year grade level MATH tests that can be used as diagnostic or assessment tests. For grades 1-7

Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: Yes
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes


Assessments focused on LITERACY (grades 3-11) and MATHEMATICS (grades 3-8).

Tests are available online, paper, and accommodated versions (large print, American Sign Language, text-to-speech, accommodated screen reader file, and Braille ready files)


Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: Yes
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes


Old standardized tests for grades 2-11.

Multiple Subjects including - LANGUAGE ARTS, MATHEMATICS, AMERICAN HISTORY, WORLD HISTORY, SCIENCE (biology, chemistry & physics)

PDF formats & online testing


Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: Yes
Corrects Test Automatically: Available


Online Practice Test Portal

Multiple choice MATH questions for grades 1-6.

"Test Quest" section allows kids to practice common problem solving strategies.

Includes fun brain teasers.


Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: Yes
Corrects Test Automatically: Available


A series of free assessments including BASIC PHONICS (5 year olds), ADVANCED PHONICS (six years old), and READING assessments 7-12 years old

Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: Yes
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes

and SCIENCE activities for early learners

Test Provided: N/A

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: N/A
Corrects Test Automatically: N/A

Studying Resources

Free online tools to help students memorize information.

Activities include flashcards, matching, hangman, and more.

Use the existing flashcards or create your own set of data.


Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: No
Corrects Test Automatically: Yes

Effective studying techniques including study planning, managing time, taking effective notes, test taking strategies, stress management & optimal memory training

Test Provided: N/A

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: N/A
Corrects Test Automatically: N/A

This website features a host of links aimed at helping students improve their study habits. Topics covered include note taking, memory and concentration enhancement and time management

STATISTICS CANADA - Canadian census data and socioeconomic data


K-12 educational content from the CBC and Radio-Canada


Multimedia resource focused on HISTORY; contains over 40,000 primary and secondary sources and more.


FREE - Learn to type and practice your timing speeds! - No advertising on the website


Free Online Courses/Programs


FREE - Very kid friendly website helping kids learn code.

Code.org is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, and increasing participation amongst kids, women and underrepresented minorities.

Their vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra




FREE - Another great website helping kids and adults learn code




FREE - An extensive list of online courses and programs. Learn business skills, financial literacy, digital literacy & IT skills, health literacy, languages and more!


Career Resources

An online K-12 resource for students to explore career options, find the right education, access financial support and find jobs


Jung Typology Test

Based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typological approach to personality. 

Discover careers and occupations most suitable for your personality type.

Understand communication and learning styles of your type.


Vancouver, Canada's CKNW radio station has put together a great web page called Putting BC to Work (#BCtoWork) that contains a wealth of information for job seekers and students pondering their career choices.

Learn which job sectors are most in need of skilled workers and are hiring today, jobs where can earn $75,000 to start, and, perhaps most importantly, the variety of opportunities/career options within each sector

Great information whether you live in British Columbia or not


Language Resources

BC & Yukon

Canadian Parents for French is a great Canadian organization created by parents for parents wanting their children to be afforded the opportunity to become bilingual in the Canadian school system.

The websites for each chapter (province or territory) are slightly different as they are tailored to the needs of their members, but contain a wealth of information and activities for parents, students, and educators




Learn French - Practise your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills online. Learners may use the site independently or in conjunction with online teachers

Test Provided: Yes

Rubric (Answer Key) Provided: Yes
Corrects Test Automatically: Available


Learn Canadian French! Numerous free resources are available in the library



Free for all students! Access over 80,000 scholarships! Create a free profile and be matched to scholarships and bursaries. Students may also receive deadline alerts


Provides access scholarships across Canada for free. NOTE: This website is also focused on teen market research helping companies identify trends

This organization delivers over 3500 scholarships annually while also managing 175 scholarships, and $11 million in student awards. The site also provides links to more scholarships available in the provinces/territories


A list of grants, bursaries, and scholarship sites approved by the Government of Canada


Global Affairs Canada has scholarship information for Canadians seeking to study abroad as well as for international students wanting to study in Canada

Parent Resources


A global community of parents, experts, and researchers who support and help each other on the parenting journey.