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What do you want to teach today?

"The School in the Cloud"

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What is the future of learning?


A few weeks ago we received an email with a link to (Newcastle) professor Sugata Mitra's inspiring TED talk detailing the need to rethink the manner by which we educate children in the 21st century. His dream? To build a school in the cloud (see YouTube video below).



Professor Mitra went on to win the $1 million dollar Ted Talks prize and is now conducting education research in India, England and other countries. We contacted his organization The School in the Cloud (www.theschoolinthecloud.org) and have offered to help.

Using My Education Room's online platform certified teachers can create free SOLE lessons for K-12 students from around the world.


*Certified Canadian Teachers

Would you be interested in offering free SOLE lessons online through the My Education Platform? If so please register (free) to get started. Teachers are strongly encouraged to download the SOLE toolkit. In the toolkit you will be provided the information necessary to run SOLE groups as envisioned by professor Mitra.


If you are interested in taking part in a lesson please register first. If no current SOLE lessons are offered students may request one.

*Retired K-12 teachers (Grannies)

Want to help students excel in these SOLE groups and drive performance - CONTACT US.

We plan to share information garnered from these groups with Professor Mitra to aid his research.

All users are strongly encouraged to visit www.theschoolinthecloud.org website, register (get involved), and learn more about this wonderful organization.