What do you want to learn today?
What do you want to teach today?

A Webinar Series for K-12 Students, Parents & Teachers


These webinars are meant to empower Canadian K-12 students, parents and teachers by:

  1. Informing students enrolled in secondary schools with knowledge of various professions before deciding to choose their secondary school electives or deciding upon a college or university program

    1. Request sessions with professionals from a variety of industries - doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, nurses, accountants, musicians, artists, electricians, carpenters etc.

    2. Hear their backgrounds, stories, and pursuit of excellence as they climbed the ladder of success

    3. Students may ask questions (education, pay, culture, professional development) about these professions and what to expect

  2. Request Educational workshops (online) for parents to provide strategies meant to unlock their child's success


How to Register:

1) Canadian K-12 Students and Parents

Parents -  Please create an FREE account on myeducationroom.com. It takes about 30 seconds.


2) Parents

Once you have created and verified your account (check your email) please log back into your dashboard and register each of your children enrolled in an elementary or secondary school.


3) Parents and Students

In your dashboard you have access to enrol in (or request) sessions hosted by My Education Room.

  • Info Sessions - Learn more about our social enterprise, My Education Room, and see the platform in action

  • My Future Webinar Series - Webinars aimed at empowering K-12 students with knowledge of professions before they decide to choose their school electives or select a post secondary program.