Don’t Think Too Much While Choosing F14 Gil

Alchemist Gil in Final Fantasy XIV


FFXIV gil is the main currency of the fictional lands of Eorzea. It circulates from NPCs to players, who then use it to buy equipment and other items in the game.


The best ways to make Gil quickly involve crafting and gathering. This guide will focus on these methods, rather than combat-oriented ones.




As an alchemist, you can craft a wide variety of potions and elixirs to recover HP and Mana or bolster players for raids. These are incredibly useful, especially in the late game, so it’s worth leveling up this Disciple of Hand. You can also make decent gil from selling reagents and crafting other items, such as books and wands.


However, to make the most gil from this trade skill, you need to focus on high-level reagents and potions, such as Tinctures of Intelligence and the High Quality Twice-fermented Mun-Tuy Juice needed for your class quest. These are the best FFXIV alchemist gil sinks, as they can sell for quite a bit on the Market Board and provide large amounts of experience.


Similarly, you can earn decent gil from experimenting with wands and scepters – though these can be more expensive to produce and will require a fair amount of materials, such as relic crystals or tinkering reagents.




Although this trade skill might not be as cool as it appears in the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, it is one of the most valuable jobs in ffxiv gil. The consumables that alchemists make are very useful, especially in the late game for healing and buffing players in raids. In addition to potions, this vocation also makes wands that are essential for the White Mage/Conjurer and Scholar/Summoner.


The wands that this vocation crafts are quite expensive, but they have good stat increases and sell quickly on the Market Board. The wands are made with various dissovents, which include growth formula, oils, inks, rubbers and glues. Each of these can be sold for 90,000 gil or more. Aside from crafting wands, this class can also assemble equipment used by other Disciples of Hand classes. A stack of ten of these items is worth around 100,000 gil. These components can be found by completing Levequests. Currently, there are two that start in Ul’dah and Western Thanalan.




Having lots of gil in FFXIV is a huge boon to the game. It allows you to buy catchup gear and level it quickly, stockpile consumables for high-end content, and pay for things like aetherytes (teleportation between zones) or the expensive Skysteel Scrips that are required for a few of the Old Sharlayan leves.


Unlike other crafting vocations, Alchemy is a great Gil-maker because it makes a variety of products. Its most popular items are potions and alkahests but it also assembles weapons for the Conjurer/White Mage and Arcanist/Scholar/Summoner classes, as well as a range of other gear.


Additionally, Alchemy is one of the few crafters with the potential to earn money through noncompetitive activities. Leves are a safe and reliable way to accrue a lot of gil, without having to compete with other players for the top slot on the Market Board or worry about selling out your retainer sale slots. Leve allowances recharge at a rate of three every 12 real-world hours, and they’re a great way to make some gil while not having to do much.




The quickest way to make Gil in FFXIV is by obtaining and selling weapons. The game’s gatherer Jobs, like Miner, Botanist, and Fisher, offer a good source of this material — especially for new players. However, even these Jobs have competition from dungeons and the EX Trial boss weapons that drop.


Alchemists also have a lot of earning potential, thanks to the potions and status inducers they craft that are in high demand among raiders. Additionally, the class can make a decent amount by crafting the rare High Quality Twice-Fermented Mun-Tuy Juice for its class quest. Finally, Levequests are a great way to make gil in the early going after a patch — but the sinks aren’t nearly as significant as they were in the past. This method is a good alternative for those who aren’t comfortable grinding. Using a Retainer or two to help out can also maximize earnings. They can be sent on passive missions called Ventures to acquire monster parts and other materials.


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