Roblox is continuing to grind up impressive numbers

It is not treated much by the specialized video games because it is a rather particular product, halfway between the video game, social media and above all the content creation platform, but Roblox is continuing to grind up impressive numbers, arriving these days to score 90 million active monthly players. Released in the distant 2005, Roblox continues to succeed in its public segment, which includes mostly young users between 7 and 18, but the rate at which it continues to grow remains impressive. Last fall there were 70 million monthly active users, so within a few months another 20 million monthly players were added, reaching 90 million. All this together with a further increase in the evaluation of Roblox, understood as a game and a connected team, which has now reached 2.5 billion dollars.

It has existed for 15 years, but still 48 million monthly players haunt us, Roblox, among the most played video games in the world, continues to dominate the rankings and to attract users between 7 and 18 years old. To make it special is above all the style of entertainment, which combines the mechanics of the video game with the comparison offered by social media and the extreme versatility of the platform for creating content that sets it apart. For this last feature it has a lot to do with Minecraft, in Roblox players in fact build and play together within a 3D world in which anything is generated by the users themselves. Over a billion hours a month spent overall by the community over 1.7 million creators means that we are faced with a video game that is always new, to the extent that many have called it The platform of imagination.

In fact, players can create the ultimate amusement park, compete in the role of a professional car driver, take part in a fashion show, become a superhero or simply build a dream home and relax with friends, It is an environment safe and moderate explains the developer company, in which it is the imagination that dominates. Thus Roblox also becomes a virtual meeting place for millions of people, who can explore the playing field from virtually any platform, be it a Mac or Windows computer, a console, an iPhone, an iPad, a smartphone or an Android tablet. In addition to having your avatar wear thousands of different hats, shirts, faces and equipment, you can communicate with other users through game chat, private messages and groups. For More information is on where you can buy cheap Roblox Builders Club Membership.

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